UK enterprise needs to adopt the Cloud.

Executive director of trade body techUK; Matthew Evans is suggesting that the government needs to adopt Cloud technologies in all sectors.

The UK has a fast growing digital sector that is creating jobs and boosting the economy but the nation is lagging behind when it comes to companies sharing data digitally.
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Holograms are closer than we think

According to the co-founder of VividQ; Aleksandra Pedraszewska, we are only a maximum of 2 and a half years from seeing the first holograms on the market.

The hardware and software appear to be there already, its just depending  on which tech giant is going to go to market first…

AI, security and confidence…

When it comes to the future of security, (which is less ‘future’ and more Now) it seems that those in the know are more likely to use AI to defend their business while those who aren’t will avoid it.

But can businesses turn a blind eye to using AI technology when the criminals are embracing it to get what they want?
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AI Robotic cat to assist the elderly

Engineers at Brown University are developing an AI to be installed in a Hasbro toy that is currently available as a companion robot.

Imagine the possibilities as well as using this bot as a digital assistant, it could be an excellent early warning system for the owner and authorities for healthcare and security!

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AI could soon be running call centres

Google is developing their Duplex AI to be on the receiving end of the line in a call centre. But they’re not alone. Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco are also looking into this.

Do they take strong accents into consideration? I’m picturing a story told by stand up Kevin Bridges about trying to order cinema tickets using an automated phone system with a thick Glaswegian accent… hahaha

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Developing A.I to I.D and count wild animals

The Uni of Wyoming with the help of Snapshot Serengeti is developing an AI that can identify and count species in the national park.

Hopefully the data will be made available to the park rangers in real time to help them battle poaching. It would certainly help tracking each species for the tourists, but only those shooting with a camera.

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US Military to catch AI Deepfakes

The US Dept of Defense (excuse the US spelling) is going to fund research into AI generated Deepfake videos in an effort to catch the fakers.

However they’ve already admitted that it may be a pointless endeavour.

I wonder if they’re using any presidential press releases? It would explain Trump. Maybe the poor guy has never said any of those moronic things and hasn’t tried to start WWIII?

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Look out J.K Rowling

It seems AI developers are branching out into the arts too… A bot has been ‘fed’ the 7 books of the Harry Potter series using a predictive keyboard and has produced a brand new chapter.

The results were fantastic… and completely bonkers!!

“They looked at the door, screaming about how closed it was and asking it to be replaced with a small orb. The password was ‘BEEF WOMEN,’ Hermione cried.”

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Bitcoin may not be very ‘green’

Bitcoin hs been accused of using as much electricity as an entire country.

Thousands of computers worldwide are working round the clock  to complete the necessary equations in order to get paid in bitcoins so amateurs and professionals alike are turning their hands and machines to mining…

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My Parrots called Alexa

A funny Thursday article. A parrot has mimicked her owners voice and ordered gift boxes from Amazon using Alexa. It just goes to show that in a world of automation and AI assistants security should still be at the forefront of peoples minds. A simple PIN code for purchases would have stopped this sneaky parrot but it wouldnt have been as funny.
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Starcrafting AI

Google’s next Deep Mind challenge is to take on Starcraft 2 players now that it has beaten the worlds best ‘Go’ player.
This is a lot more complicated due to the number of different variables to account for such as units, races, maps, fog of war and tactics.
I imagine once they best us puny humans in Starcraft 2 it won’t be long before they take over the world.
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The Rising Threat Of Malware In The Cloud

With Cloud enterprise adoption rates steadily rising, so are cases of new cyber threats from criminals looking to capitalise on changing business habits.

Despite this, a worryingly low number of cloud service providers are yet to offer dedicated protection against malware in the cloud.

There is a shortage of proactive cloud malware solutions, even amongst industry leading vendors. Because of this, most businesses are unable to defend their cloud effectively.

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Businesses using IoT

Many businesses are adopting IoT technology to help improve their revenues and services.
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Devops and Cloud

Cloud and DevOps are great but better when combined. Shallbyte is currently working on a Cloud project combining IaaS with DevOps using Vmware automation and Orchestration.
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